Blogger 登录界面

  现在登录 Blogger 时,你会发现,只有 Google 帐户登录界面,若是老的 Blogger 帐户,则需先行进行转换。据 Blogger Buzz 说, 老版 Blogger 将在接下来的数周或数月内彻底关闭,取而代之的是新版 Blogger。它们还回忆了新版本开发大事记:

14 August 2006: The new version of Blogger launches as a public beta
23 August 2006: Blogger’s 7th birthday
30 August 2006: Edit HTML added to beta’s Layouts
2 September 2006: Login box fiasco solved
5 September 2006: Beta Known Issues blog launched
21 September 2006: Mobile posting added
4 October 2006: Picasa support added
26 October 2006: Week of Old Blogger meltdowns
2 November 2006: Beta declared "feature complete" with FTP support
10 November 2006: All new accounts created on Blogger in beta
12 November 2006: New mobile accounts created on Blogger in beta
11 December 2006: Team blogs allowed to switch to Blogger in beta
19 December 2006: New Blogger taken out of beta
4 January 2007: BlogThis! added
24 January 2007: Percentage of users required to switch to new Blogger
15 February 2007: All users required to switch to new Blogger on login
21 February 2007: FTP publishing reliability improved
4 March 2007: Performance problems with especially busy blogs resolved
28 March 2007: Offline process to move blogs from old to new Blogger begins
16 April 2007: 1000th Blog of Note
24 April 2007: All blogs moved off old Blogger, save [this] one
26 April 2007: Blogger Buzz moves to new Blogger, turns off lights on its way out
27 April 2007: DNS change to point to new Blogger
4 May 2007: Old Blogger physically dismantled

  只要它不是莫名其妙的撞墙,Blogger 的确是一款优秀的博客程序,丢掉老版 Blogger 的束缚,相信 Blogger 会带给我们更多乐趣。