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  前段时间注册了 ZOHO Writer ,但一直没用这个在线文字处理软件。今天从 Hung 处听说 ZOHO 开始统一了所有相关服务的账户登录为通行证。就又来看看,同时决定用它来发一篇日志。下面是你注册 ZOHO Writer 后的欢迎词。
Hello maqingxi,

Welcome to ZohoWriter, your friendly on line word processor!

  • Create, format, & edit documents online with a powerful WYSIWIG editor
  • Access & share your documents from anywhere using just your browser
  • Lock your documents while in shared mode
  • Post to your blogs (Blogger/Typepad/LiveJournal/WordPress) from within Zoho Writer
  • Export your docs in word, pdf, sxw, odt, txt, rtf & html formats
  • Periodic auto-saving of your documents to prevent data loss
  • Spell check, tag your documents for ease of use                               

  and do much more...

Get started by clicking New on the top left of this page Now.

  我想发布到 PJBlog2 2.6 版的网站:醒悟的凡灵 时,发生问题,而发布到知名的 Blogger 时却正常。
更新:前几天我一直发布不成功,今天上来发布到 Blogger 时,输入用户和密码,马上识别。添加“醒悟的凡灵”帐号,也能识别出来。唯一不智的地方是,不能区别类别,而直接发在第一个类别里。速度,快!
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